Gill Deacon Show:
Special Guest: David Suzuki
Special Guest: George Monbiot
Special Guest: David Suzuki
Special Guest: Nigella Lawson
Special Guest: Jeanette Walls
Special Guest: Sarah Harmer
Special Guest: Justin Trudeau
Special Guest: Steven Page and Jim Cuddy


Code Green
In 2005-2006, Gill traveled across Canada to host Code Green, a popular reality show on CBC-TV, which saw 12 Canadian homeowners renovating their homes in a competition for energy efficiency. (now called Daily Planet)
From 1996-2001, Gill was co-host and producer on the award-winning nightly science newsmagazine program for Discovery Channel Canada.

Gill has been a TV host and producer since 1992, both in Canada and the US. She has interviewed celebrities, flown weightless in a NASA training mission, cooked with Nigella, rubbed noses with endangered manatee, even arm wrestled Hulk Hogan.

Eco Minutes

It only takes a minute to Go Green. Watch these Eco-Minutes for tips and strategies to save you money and save the planet!